The Information Age Science History Museum and Learning Center (InfoAge) is located in Wall Township, NJ at the former US Army Camp Evans sub-post of Fort Monmouth. Camp Evans is a US Department of Interior National Historic Landmark and is New Jersey’s designated World War II Living Memorial.

InfoAge is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Educational Organization of Volunteers that was designated a “Save America’s Treasures Site” by the Clinton Administration and a “Preserve America Stewards” Site by the Bush Administration.

Although incorporated in 1998, InfoAge was a “Virtual Museum and Learning Center” until the property was transferred from the US Government to Wall Township in 2006 and subsequently leased to InfoAge.

What was supposed to have been a transfer of property ready for “turn-key” operation was instead a ravaged site due to the Army’s environmental clean-up efforts and lack of basic maintenance of the Camp Evans site. Sewers were removed, electrical power was nonexistent except for a few small buildings, basements and buildings were flooded, bathrooms were destroyed, and black mold was everywhere.

Since that time in 2006 thousands of volunteers have contributed over two million hours of time to save and restore this National Historic Landmark.

We invite you to join us and bring your talents and help us save the rich communications and information technology history that was part of this site as we honor the communication pioneers of wireless, WWI, WWII, space exploration and the cold war.

Come visit us and see what we have done!

Our Mission

Preserve, educate and honor scientific innovation and history to inspire new generations of thinkers, dreamers and visionaries.

Think STEM!


DEVELOP: Focus on the evolution and preservation of communications, electronics and related technologies and ESTABLISH an Interactive hands-on Learning Center.

EDUCATE: As a National Historic Landmark, INSPIRE people – especially children – to learn and appreciate information technology to improve their lives and career opportunities.

REMEMBER: As New Jersey’s WWII Living Memorial, HONOR the accomplishments and service of veterans, civilians and military contractors by recognizing their contributions and by preserving the history of this unique historic site.

In 1993 the Department of Defense decided to close many military bases.  Camp Evans is one of them. The Wall Township committee formed the Marconi Park Complex Advisory Committee who recommend:

  • Preserving the heritage of the site including the historic Marconi station and major WWII radar laboratory buildings.
  • Developing an ‘Information Age Learning Center’ in the historic buildings to preserve that heritage.
  • Enable Brookdale Community College to develop an extension campus.
  • Use the remaining open areas of the Camp for passive and active township recreation.

We are using these historic, well-constructed buildings and beautiful site as a head-start. With this head-start we are doing what has been done in over 250 communities – creating a center for science and history.

We will continue to research the history, educate the public of its historic value and seek grants to rehabilitate the site for a compatible new use.

We are enabling a bunch a great groups who already have successful science education programs to reach more families and schools here. The membership fees, entrance fees, and special event fees will pay the costs to keep the site preserved for everyone’s enjoyment.

Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Crowley, Chairman

Michael T. Ruane, CEO
John T. Cervini, Vice Chair
John D’Luhy, Treasurer
M. Claire French, Secretary
Fred M. Carl, COO and founder
Jules A. Bellisio, PhD
Jeffrey S. Janover, P.E.
Daniel J. Lieb
Daniel R. Marlow, PhD
George K. Newberry
Robert F. Perricelli
Richard J. Shaklee, Esq.
Patricia C. Thecker
John S. Truhan, P.E.

Shaun Golden

Michael B. Smith

In Memoriam

Dr. George J. Brucker
Dr. Stanley Kronenberg
Dr. Walter S. McAfee

Emeritus Trustees

Andrew R. D’Angelo
Robert F. Giordano
Barbara A. Ruane
Lawrence R. Tormey

Wall of Honor

The InfoAge “Wall of Honor” is dedicated to giving recognition to those citizens who, by their lives or life’s work, have made significant contributions to the defense of our Nation with their accomplishments at the US Army’s former Camp Evans and Fort Monmouth and at the site formerly the home of the Marconi Wireless Company Belmar Station and Kings Christian College. The site is now the Camp Evans National Historic Landmark and the home of the Information Age Science History Museum and Learning Center – or InfoAge.

The list of Inductees is as follows

June 3, 2006
1. Dr. George Brucker, Nuclear-Physicist
2. Mr. Fred Michael Carl, Founder of InfoAge
3. Dr. Stanley Kronenberg, Nuclear-Physicist
4. Dr. Walter S. McAfee, Astro-Physicist

June 2, 2007
5. Mr. Max Adler, Electronic Warfare Pioneer
6. Mr. Harold N. Tate, Radar Systems Engineer
7. Mrs. Mary Austin Tate, Mathematician
8. Dr. Harold A. Zahl, Radar Pioneer

June 21, 2008
9. Dr. Rudy Buser
10. Mr. William Fishbein
11. Mr. Harold Jaffe

June 6, 2009
12. Mr. William J. Keaneally
13. Mr. Michael R. Mirarchi
14. Mr. David Noyes

September 25, 2010
15. Mr. Thomas E Daniels
16. Mr. Robert F. Giordano

June 9, 2012
17. Mr. Charles Blair
18. Mr. Charles E. Christianson
19. Mr. Seymour Hersch
20. Mr. Otto Rittenbach

September 20, 2014
21. Mr. John C. Cittadino
22. Mr. Robert Doto
23. Mr. John W. Marchetti

September 30, 2016

24. William B. Gould III, Radio & Electronic Warfare Pioneer

25. Willie Johnson, Jr.Radar & Combat ID

26. Richard Paolello, Infrared Countermeasures


Learn how you can support InfoAge

Our Corporate and Individual Benefactors

$50,000 – $100,000

New Jersey Natural Gas
Duncan and Patricia Thecker Foundation
Fred Carl
Princeton University

$25,000 – $49,999

$10,000 – $24,999

Association of Old Crows
Michael and Kathy Golub Foundation
Harris Corporation
Wall Kiwanis

$5,000 – $9,999

Barbara Ruane
Russell Berrie Foundation


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