Published in The Asbury Park Press on March 27, 2002 by John A. Harnes

Page B7

WALL -The historic district at Camp Evans is being added to the National Register of Historic Places, the federal list of the nation’s historic sites worthy of preservation .
For 86 years, until it was closed in 1993, Camp Evans was one of the world’s leading telecommunications research and development facilities. The site was closed as part of the post-
Cold War effort to streamline the military, and the Army has been cleaning it up for transfer
to public and educational use. The national register designation was granted for, a portion of
the site that includes the Marconi Hotel and other buildings. The remainder will be used for

    “As the land at Camp Evans, is being transferred from the Army to civilian use, it’s important to preserve some of the historic work that was done at the site;” said Fred Carl, director of INFOAGE Inc., a nonprofit corporation that is working to establish the center.  
    “Our goal is to save Camp Evans and creatively reuse the historic buildings and grounds
as a Science History Center focused on communications, computer, radio technology and radio entertainment history,”  Carl said.  
    The final paperwork needed to add Camp Evans to the national register was signed in
Washington yesterday. By being listed on the national register, INFOAGE can compete, for state
and federal grants restricted to these historic sites, Carl said.
    INFOAGE’s collection includes the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame collection and museum
once located in Freehold and 7,000 pieces of computer history, including parts for, the first com-
puter made during World War II, Carl said .
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