Published in The Coast Star on April 22, 1999

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The 1914 Marconi High-Power Wireless Station, once U.S. Army Signal Corps RADAR facility and site of the opening of the Space Age will come alive for 24 hours to celebrate the birthday of radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi (1847-1937). Camp Evans, Wall Township, will be one of four stations in New Jersey and on 57 worldwide stations from which radio amateurs throughout the world will be on the air for the 24-period of April 24, 1999 … a universal time to celebrate the famous wireless pioneer of the information age.
The Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club has been authorized to operate from the original Marconi Hotel in the former Camp Evans area, using the call letters N2M0.
International Marconi Day is an annual event that takes place on the Saturday nearest Marconi’s April 25 birthday. Started in Italy, Marconi’s country of birth, it spread to the United Kingdom, where Marconi performed much early work, and has now expanded into the United States, home to much of Marconi’s later work. Marconi used several sites in New Jersey near the turn of the century to introduce and demonstrate his wireless radio equipment. 1999 is a Marconi Centennial as the first practical radio transmissions in America took place in October 1899 between Twin Lights in Highlands, ships in New York harbor and the New York Herald in NYC. The Twin Lights Museum includes a Marconi wireless exhibit. Marconi subsequently established his Belmar transatlantic High-Powered wireless station at what is now Wall’s Camp Evans area, where the pioneers ushered in the modern electronics age. Several buildings erected by the Marconi Company still stand, including the Marconi Hotel and various support buildings. This historic site will become the home of the future InfoAge Learning Center.
For further information on International Marconi Day, contact Joe Dreifuss, president of the Marconi Chapter 138 QCWA, on the IMD Web Site
Please contact Fred Carl for information on Camp Evans or visit

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