InfoAge Wall of Honor – 2012

Charles Christianson served as a Department of the Army civilian engineer and project manager for 34 years retiring as the Assistant Program Executive Officer for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors. Upon his retirement, he was hired as a contractor to support Army programs. He began his career as a project engineer in the Combat Surveillance, Target Acquisition Laboratory at the Evans Area, Fort Monmouth. During his civilian service he contributed mightily to the Identification Friend or Foe Programs, the Firefinder Counter-fire Radar Program, Division Air Defense Gun, Electromagnetic Launch Program, Guardrail Airborne SIGINT System, Stingray, REMBASS, Meteorological Measurement, Electro-optic/ Infrared Technology, and many Electronic Warfare and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle payload programs.

Many of the programs he worked on were highly classified and others demanded intense focus due to critical priorities and extremely aggressive timelines. One in particular occurred when the Army retired the Mohawk airplane from the inventory, removing an important radar sensor from the Korean De-militarized zone.  The promised Air Force support was not forthcoming, due to delays in the U-2 sensor upgrade program. Charles was the key person from the time; enabling the Army to continue monitoring an extremely decisive and volatile political area.

Charles also had a major role in the last program at the Camp Evans facility, namely the Tactical Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Radar (TESAR). TESAR evolved out of a highly classified “Black” program to solve a critical problem of providing a very accurate, persistent, all-weather  surveillance capability on board what became the Predator drone. It was Charles who convinced the Department of Defense managers that the Fort Monmouth community had the only solution. Once again, under his leadership, ten lightweight, high resolution, all-weather Synthetic Aperture Radars were developed and integrated on board the new Predator UAVs in a timely manner where they provided direct evidence of treaty violations that took place during the first Yugoslavian conflict, and were cited at the Dayton Accords.

Charles received  a BSEE from NJIT, and MSEE from FDU, and attended the Program Management Course Defense System Management College. His many awards include the DA Decoration for Meritorious Civilian Service and the Ancient Order of Saint Barbara. He is a regular participant in AOC, AUSA, AFCEA and InfoAge events.

Charles resides in Wall Township with his wife of 41 years, Maureen. They have three children: Katrina, Erik and Cheryl.

Posted April 4, 2017