InfoAge Wall of Honor – 2009

David Noyes is a recognized expert in the area of Signals Intelligence with Military Service in the US Army Security Agency and over 40 years of service in the Electronic Warfare Laboratory, the Electronic Warfare, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance Directorate and its successor organization, the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate. 

David served his military duty with the Army Security Agency (ASA) which was responsible for signals intelligence and electronic countermeasures operations. The ASA was composed primarily of soldiers with the highest scores on Army intelligence tests and was tasked with monitoring and interpreting military communications of our adversaries.   With his military experience as a background Mr. Noyes joined the Electronic Warfare Laboratory in 1979, where he was instrumental in the design, test and operation of radio propagation measuring equipment for investigating artificially generated ionized clouds for use in ionospheric radio propagation.   He was heavily involved in solving critical technical problems for the use of High Frequency Direction Finding equipment on both airborne and ground based systems in Vietnam.  He was instrumental in the development and fielding of:  Teampack Ground Based ELINT System; Guardrail Remote Relay System; Guardrail Common Sensor and others, with successor systems still in use in our Army today.  His efforts were instrumental in the success of these systems so important to the Cold War. 

After his retirement his fundamental understanding of the technical foundations of SIGINT resulted in his selection as an instructor to teach new employees of the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate about SIGINT.  His legacy lives through the many people he taught. 

Mr. Noyes has a BSEE from the University of Vermont and a MS from Fairleigh Dickenson.

Posted April 3, 2017