Mr. Edward Henderson, photographer in his Belmar Bl. driveway with Marconi mast in background

Black & White Belmar Station photo from across the Shark River was taken April 12, 1914 by Wall / Glendola resident Edward Henderson.  His vantage point was somewhere in the Shark River Hills.  He published the photo below as a postcard

Photo of Belmar High-powered Wireless Station taken by Mr. Edward Henderson on April 12, 1914

Zoom shots from this photo are below…
One thing you do not see in this photo is Monmouth Bl.  it was not created until later, possibly around 1926.

The Marconi Hotel aka building 9001

The Station Manager’s residence – Building 9002

The chief engineer’s residence Building – 9003

The wireless operations building – Building 9004
To see photos of the interior of this building in 1922 – Click Here

The light and heat plant – Building 9006

One of the balancing towers along the Shark River’s south west shore.
The top portion of this one was saved and is a Marconi historical marker on Marconi Road.

The unknown experimental tower…no longer existent

The path from the operations building to the residences…note the switchback. It is a 60-70 ft. rise.

The Woolley house that was relocated in 1942 to the corner of Monmouth Bl. and Taft St. where is stands today.
This is where Marconi resided when he visited, for privacy.

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