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Diana Site Tour / 2011-03-20

The Project Diana site is a 2-acre fenced compound adjoining Marconi Road on flat ground with three and a quarter sides having steep slopes down to the Shark River. The slopes have mature tree growth that block all views of the Shark River at present, however older aerial photos from the 1940's show the river below the site .

Vintage image of the Diana SiteVintage image of the Diana Site


The Diana site is completely enclosed by a security fence with pole mounted security lights immediately inside the fence line. In WWII photos of the site, the perimeter security fence around the research area was constructed of wooden posts with barbed wire between the posts.

This fence was replaced with a chain linked fence that is ten foot high fence is topped with barbed wire. The fence has two entrance gates, one a single personnel gate, the other a double panel vehicle gate.

Diana Gate and TLM-18Diana Gate and TLM-18


Adjacent to the Gate is the Guard Shack, building 9153.   This structure was replaced by Eagle Scout candidate Josh Foxon in 2005.    The electrical servcie and telephone line were installed during the summer of 2011

Diana Guard ShackDiana Guard Shack

There are two transformer substations on site, one adjacent to building 9116, the other across from building 9162 . InfoAge has plans to decommission both, preserving them in place as part of the historic fabric of the site.

Transformer substation adjecent to 9116.Transformer substation adjecent to 9116.Second substation across from 9162.Second substation across from 9162.

The Diana site has been the recipient of much work by InfoAge and OMARC volunteers.  Building 9116 has undergone upgrades to provide shared classroom, radio operating, and work space for OMARC.

Diana Dish control building (Building 9116) is located at the western end of the site.  Link to PDF of floor plan

Diana dish control building 9116.Diana dish control building 9116.

The entry hall is quite large and is the center point of egress to all rooms within the building. It and all the rooms have been painted, light fixtures have been repaired or replaced, and new carpeting installed in the classroom and radio rooms. Remaining is the buffing and waxing of the remaining tile floors.

Building 9116 interior.Building 9116 interior.

Radio One contains 4 radio operating positions, each equipped with a computer connected to the local network, telephone, and digital recorders.

Radio Room OneRadio Room One

Radio Two contains radio 2 operating positions, each equipped with a computer connected to the local network. The main antenna patch panel that allows radio to be connected to the appropriate antenna or test equipment is also located in Radio Two.

Radio Room TwoRadio Room Two

The Lab contains a well equipped work bench for minor repair and diagnostics for both OMARC and InfoAge equipment.

The classroom classroom is very spacious with a number of folding tables and chairs which flexibility for different events. The space is equipped with a podium, computer, video projector, television, VCR, and DVD player. The classroom also is home to the OMARC technical library.

Adjacent to class room is the lavatory and kitchen. While the kitchen does not have a range, the kitchen is adequate for supporting training other use of the building.

Silent Sentinel Satellite Dish (TLM-18 Antenna)

TLM-18 AntennaTLM-18 Antenna


Silent Sentinel Satellite Dish Control Building (Building 9162)   Link to PDF of floor plan

TLM-18 Control Building - 9162TLM-18 Control Building - 9162