Sample Tile thanking Harris Corp. for their excellent donation.

Commissioning  FULL-COLOR tile is a great way to say thank you to a veteran or family member. The hall of Honor is located in the central hallway of the historic WW2 H-building complex, on the Camp Evans National Historic Landmark, the InfoAge Hall of Honor is an excellent place to display your custom tile.

You supply the photos and text, and we’ll create your unique custom tile.  Take it home, or allow us to display it in our Hall of Honor.

The cost to commission a tile is $250, and additional copies can be made for $100 each.  You will have the opportunity auto approve your tile’s design. 

Call 732-280-3000 today to reserve your tile or use this Link for the Tile order form

My Memory of Mr. Robert Fisk – My Baseball Coach by Mr. Doug Kittel

Earlier this year I was spending some time at my favorite museum – the InfoAge Science and History Center. I think it was the Antique Car Show. I noticed Mr. Fred Carl putting some items on a display table. I came over to find they were commemorative tiles honoring local men who had fought in World II. I instantly recognized one face. It was the man who 20 years after his exploits in the war would be coaching my little league baseball team on the property right next door to InfoAge. I read how he took part in one intense battle after another taking Italy back from the Axis Powers.

When I knew Mr. Robert Fisk in the early 1960s, I was the least talented of his ballplayers. But all I remember is his unrelenting encouragement. I can still hear him calling out to me as I returned to the dugout having struck out once again, “Never mind, Dougie! You’ll get’em next time!”. I just wish I could have known that voice belonged to one of those men who left home, went off risking everything, and saved the world. When they returned they did not talk very much about what they had seen and done, they just got on with their lives. But I will always be grateful to InfoAge for informing me that Mr. Robert Fisk was truly one of that Greatest Generation.