Published in the Asbury Park Press October 25, 1976 Page ?

This photo was saved by Mr. Arthur Krumm former mayor of Wall Township

Historic Tower – Troop 33, Boy Scouts, Wall Township, led by Scoutmaster Jerry Jarger, stand at attention during ceremonies memorializing erection of the radio tower in 1913. The tower is the last of a network of towers used by Guglielmo Marconi’s American Wireless Company’s first tranoceanic message. The Bicentennial Committee sponsored ceremony.

Web editor note: The caption has an inaccuracy. Marconi’s first transoceanic message was in 1901 from Europe to Canada.  Later messages were received at Marconi Station at Wellfleet, Ma.  The Marconi Belmar Station (aka Camp Evans) received the first messages in Marconi’s World Encircling Network of High-powered wireless stations.

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