Marconi Hotel 9001 Dining Room

The 100+ year old Marconi Hotel dining room is an excellent space for events.  The current room is 30′ x 60′.  It has an oak floor and it has air-conditioning.  The front doors open onto the piazza.  Families have enjoyed birthday parties, graduation parties, and reunions.  Companies and non-profits have held many a meeting and dinners here.  Professional organizations have held lectures and meetings.  You can hold an excellent event here for a reasonable rental cost.  We have tables, chairs and other items available too.  Please call 732-280-3000 to check on availability. 

The Marconi Hotel Dining Room in June 2006

Marconi Dining Room 2017 front view

Below is same view in 1914

Marconi Hotel and Kitchen in 1914. Combined into one room in 1941.

What the 1914 kitchen area pictured above looks like today.

The former kitchen of Marconi Hotel has been added to make a larger dining room.

During WWII the dining room provided administration staff space.  

See photo below of the space above in 1942.

     The Former Marconi Hotel Kitchen was converted to Administrative space in 1941. The terracotta block wall between the dining room and kitchen, pantry and walk in freezers were demolished to create a large single room with a section chief office in the front east corner.  The section chief office had terracotta walls made from salvaged blocks. In the 1980s the room was subdivided into a hall with six offices. 

Same former kitchen as above area during a special event with Mr. Charles Osgood.

The King’s College students in Dining room 1939

The wall in the background would be removed by the Army in 1941 to create a large space.

Much work was required to make the dining room the excellent space that thousands upon thousands of persons have enjoyed.  The 1980s wall partitions were removed by Fred Carl during the elimination of the mold infestation and the extensive lead based paint remediation.  Two 30 yard dumpsters were filled with debris.  Once given a first encapsulating coat of paint, it was safe for InfoAge volunteers to go to work.  Thanks to the NJ Natural Gas VISION program the room was painted a nice tan.  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs Duncan Thecker the new oak floor was installed and new chandeliers were installed.  Thanks to ITT Corporation the Dining room and the lounge have air-conditioning.  We have recently repainted the dining room again to give it a refreshed look with new blinds. 

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