Marconi Hotel 9001 Foyer

The Marconi Hotel foyer is where we welcome visitors.  This is where you pay your entrance fee and register for special events.   You will be provided a copy of our VISITORS GUIDE to help you find our exhibits housed in six different building.  Occasionally, for special events, the Keurig® coffee maker is on.  

Marconi Hotel Foyer: Welcome window to the left of the Guglielmo Marconi portrait

The POW/MIA memorial in the hotel foyer.

The Marconi Hotel Foyer Fireplace. Note the National Historic Landmark plaque, a gift of the National Park System.

The Hotel Foyer in 1914. Source: Wireless Age – August 1914

The Marconi Hotel hosted many of the greats of early wireless communications and was a stage for many celebrated groups and events.  One event that occurred in the Foyer on October 20, 1953 was heated arguments between Camp Evans officers and Senator Joseph McCarthy on his access to the base to find suspected communists and security violations in the secret radar laboratory.

The foyer was also a favorite place for group photos to mark service anniversaries and special achievement recognition.  The InfoAge WALL OF HONOR plaques are on display in the foyer.

Marconi Hotel West Hall with history poster display

The 1914 Henderson photos poster wall

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