National Broadcasters Hall of Fame

The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame takes you back to those innocent days of old-time radio. Days when a simple turn of the dial was the key to entertainment, and words alone created clear images of people and places. There has never been such a unique collection of artifacts, exhibits, displays, recordings, film, and memorabilia which so vividly portrays the glorious history of broadcasting.

In the future, at the Hall of Fame, you will be able to hear the best-loved old-time programs in their entirety.   You can enjoy looking at and touching vintage radios. You can see old microphones, earphones, photographs and memorabilia of famous broadcasting celebrities.

The Hall of Fame is a place where the old and the young learn. It is educational, nostalgic and FUN. Even more, it honors the geniuses who turned an invention into an industry, and pays tribute to the men and women who became heroes through their voices.


The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame and Museum (hereafter referred to as the Hall and Museum) represents a command dedication to preserving the history of broadcasting in this country. It is the culmination of the efforts of the Schreiber Family to ensure that the importance of the radio pioneers and this communication media to our nation is neither forgotten nor lost, but remembered and honored.  During the Summer of 2002 the members of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club (NJARC) adopted the collection. 

The Hall and museum were founded by newspaper publisher Arthur S. Schreiber, in response to a suggestion by his son Josh, who constantly enjoyed heating about old-time radio and its stars. The original Hall opened in Freehold, New Jersey on May 1, 1977, and housed and displayed artifacts, photographs, memorabilia, and equipment from the past that preserved vivid images of the-radio broadcasting industry and its principal pioneers. Since its opening, the Hall and Museum have entertained and educated millions of people on the history of radio and its pioneering broadcasters. 

The Hall and Museum also salutes and honors the men and women who made broadcasting a communications marvel in the 1930x, 1940x, and 1950x. There are currently 89 inductees in the Hall, including such radio broadcasting giants as Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, Rosemary Clooney, Ralph Edwards, Arlene Francis, Benny Goodman, Bob Hope, Al Jolson, Kay Kyser, Edward R. Murrow, Frank Sinatra, Paul Whiteman, Walter Winchell, and Rudy Vallee. 

Induction ceremonies from 1977 until 1993 were conducted in New Jersey and New York. Consistent with plans to relocate the Hall and Museum to California, induction ceremonies in 1994 and 1995 were held in Beverly Hills (at the Beverly Hilton Hotel) and Anaheim (at The Disneyland Hotel), respectively. In 1996 induction ceremonies returned to New Jersey.

In 2001 the collection was moved back to New Jersey to the former Belmar Marconi Station, now know as Camp Evans. Founder Arthur Schreiber felt it appropriate the Hall should be located at site built by the father of wireless and radio Guglielmo Marconi.

National Broadcasters Hall of Fame Inductees

Gracie Allen
Red Barber
Jack Benny
George Burns
Bing Crosby
Milton Cross
Arthur Godfrey
Bob Hope
Ted Husing
H. V. Kaltenborn
Kay Keyser
Guglielmo Marconi *
Edward R. Morrow
William S. Paley
David Sarnoff *
Kate Smith
Bill Stern
Lowell Thomas
Paul Whiteman
Walter Winchell
Harry Von Zell


Amos N Andy
Edgar Bergen
Eddie Cantor
Jessica Dragonette
Don Dunphy
Lee DeForest
John Gambling, Sr.
Leonard Goldenson
Leon Levy
Leo Rosenberg
Rudy Vallee
Don Wilson


Goodman Ace
Mel Allen
Don McNeill
Frank Parker
Andre Baruch
KDKA Radio


Dinah Shore
Benny Goodman
Red Skelton
Gale Gordon
Orsen Wells
Ed Hershey
Ralph Edwards
Eric Sevareid
Gene Autry
Ann Elstner Mathews


Milton Berle*
William B. Williams
Fred Waring
Lanny Ross
Garry Moore
Ray Goulding
Bob Elliott
Kenny Delmar
Francis Langford


Frank Sinatra
E.G. Marshall
Arlene Francis
Douglas Edwards


Edward (and Pegeen) Fitzgerald
Henry Morgan
Gene Rayburn


Perry Como


Al Jolson


Brace Beemer


Ezra Stone
Fred Foy
Joe Franklin


Ronald Reagan
Art Linkletter
Larry King
McGuire Sisters
Robert W. Morgan
Gary Owens
Ted Turner


Rosemary Clooney
Jack Whitaker
Les Brown
Young Rubicam, Inc.
Casey Kasem
Jonathan Winters
Herb Jeffries
Monty Hall
Irving R. Levine
Kirk Alyn


Eddie Bracken


Arthur Anderson**
Charles Osgood**
Les Paul


Celeste Holm**
Jane Powell
Margaret Whiting**
Andy Williams
* Inductee visited Camp Evans
during their career.

** Visited  InfoAge @ Camp Evans for Induction.