Veteran Wireless Operators Association

 The Veteran Wireless Operators Association (VWOA) is a proud organization with a history of life saving heroism.  Every seaman and passanger depended upon the wireless operator to listen for warnings of danger or to send messages for help if a disaster struck their ship.  Many an operator ‘went down with the ship’ transmitting calls for help until the last moment possible.  

     The VWOA has kindly created an exhibit at InfoAge of their history.  On display are example artifacts and informative posters.   Thank you to the VWOA members and Mr. Michael Shaw for creating this excellent exhibit.  

To learn more of the VWOA visit their website at http://

Mike Shaw introducing his exhibit on the 2017 Anniversary of the Titantic sinking

VWOA – Exhibit – May 2017

 Visitors enjoy the history of heroic wireless operators at sea with graphic posters and specially selected artifacts.

VWOA Artifacts – May 2017

The once state of the art equipment used to save seamen and passages lives in event of a disaster on display.  Our friend John Dilks in on the left.

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