Published in The Coast Star April 12, 2007 on Page 4 and April 26, 2007, Page 40 By  Dan Lieb

The New Jersey Historical Divers Association [NJHDA] will be holding its fifth New Jersey Shipwreck Symposium on May 5 at the InfoAge Science/History Center in Wall Township.

     The theme of this year’s symposium is “Shipwrecks, Sharks and Sunken Treasure.” The event is hosted by shark researcher Dean W. Fessler, of the Shark Research Institute located in Princeton. Mr. Fessler has traveled the world in search of sharks to study and protect. Working with filmmakers and underwater photographers, he lectures extensively about the myths and misconceptions about sharks. Mr. Fessler is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club, headquartered in New York City, and is currently the Director and Expedition Leader for the Shark Research Institute.

     The speakers for the event include Dan Lieb, current president of NJHDA. Mr. Lieb will be discussing the process used to identify an old shipwreck locally known as the Logwood Wreck. For years the wreck’s identity had remained a mystery. Careful analysis of the historic record and a careful examination of the wreck site exposed evidence that led to the wrecks true identity. Now, the history of this site can be revealed.

     Underwater photographer Harry Roecker will offer a slide presentation featuring photos he has taken over the past few years old wrecks were constructed, and how the devastating effects of nature have torn these old hulks apart — literally at the seams.

     Underwater film producers Steve and Maureen Langevin will give a presentation on diving with the sharks of the Northeast. The Langevins, along with Dean Fessler and Bjorn Kils, will take visitors on an underwater adventure that gets “up close and personal” with sharks in their natural habitat.

     Martin Baverle, of RMS Republic, Inc., will give a presentation on the 1909 sinking of the RMS Republic. The RMS Republic is one of the world’s more famous shipwrecks because it involved the use of Marconi’s wireless radio to send and receive messages during the disaster. Due to the use of Marconi’s device, rescuers and newspaper reporters were able to receive updates on the situation at sea. The sinking of the RMS Republic was the world’s first event to be covered “live.”

     The InfoAge Science/History Center is located at 2201 Marconi Road in Wall.  The shipwreck symposium
will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 5 and reservations are required. NJHDA also exhibits its shipwreck museum display at InfoAge. The display is open Sundays 1 to 4 p.m. except holidays.

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