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Thanks to Art Nordin and Marie Schober for sharing photos of their days at The King’s College Belmar campus.

A King’s College class in the old Marconi power plant.

A King’s College class in the Marconi Hotel lounge. The room also served as a chapel and for Bible conferences.

Campare the King’s Kids: ABOVE King’s College Chapel 1938 vs BELOW in 1999

King’s Kids visiting their chapel in the Marconi hotel in 1999. This was the first time they were permitted to visit since they left for summer vacation in 1941. After they left, the Army made the old campus into a secret radar research laboratory.

Next to the Marconi power plant the college built a gym. It was finished in 1938. Some of the students helped complete it as work-study. This 1998 photo shows the abandoned gym.

King’s College Gym demo in 1999. Just a few days prior to the King’s Kids visit the old gym was demolished to removed soil with contamination beneath it. Photo courtesy of Charles Appleby, Fort Monmouth Base Environmental Coordinator

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