Published in The New York Times on September 21, 1929 on Page 8

Web editor note:  This article was supplied by Bernard Bush of East Windsor.  Mr. Bush and I shared any Monmouth Pleasure Club information we had in 1998.  I helped him arrange oral history interviews with relatives of Monmouth Pleasure Club members.  His collection ‘The Bernard Bush Collection’ is now housed at Rutgers University.

Federal Court Upholds Dismissal of 
Action to Confiscate Land. 
Special to the New York Times.
     PHILADELPHIA,  Sept. 30 (AP). – Upholding the opinion of a lower court in New Jersey, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals here today, in a decision written by Judge J. Warren Davis, frustrated an attempt of the parent organization of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to enrich its treasury by confiscating the share of the Point Pleasant (N.J.) Klan, No. 9, in a $1,000,000 piece of Monmouth County (N.J.) real estate.  The Point Pleasant Klan had been expelled from the parent order. 
     Judge Davis and his associates, Judges Joseph Buffington and Victor B. Woolley, upheld Judge Joseph L. Bodine of the Court of Errors and Appeals of New Jersey in his dismissal of a receivership suit brought by the parent organization against the Monmouth Pleasure Club, Inc., whose members are composed of Klansmen, for the purpose of setting aside the interest of the Point Pleasant Klan in the property and turning it over to the parent body.

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