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One hundred forty volunteer professionals from Lucent Technologies and the New Outlook Pioneers Penn-Jersey Chapter 132 helped to give historic Camp Evans a new future in education during  Lucent Technologies Global Days of Caring recently.

     It was the largest and most extensive burst of progress at the InfoAge Science-History Center to date.

     There was action on so many projects, one could compare the action to a hurricane force. Tools, ladders and volunteers were flying everywhere, in all directions.  Carpenters repaired damaged ceilings and floors, walls were removed, electricians repaired electrical problems and replaced lights, plumbers replaced water supply lines and technicians repaired the air conditioning system.

     Underground phone lines were traced, the interior and exterior were painted, trees were trimmed, 300 feet of hedges were cut, flower beds were planted, giant 4-by-8-foot signs were made, and a transportable 8-by-16-foot stage was designed and built from scratch.

     The positive results of all this work is that historic Camp Evans looks better. The telephone exchange building is now preserved with three classrooms for science education.  And InfoAge has signs and a stage for special events that can be moved anywhere they are needed.
     The first group to benefit from the work and to use the telephone building will be the summer science camps of Fort Monmouth’s Integrated Community Outreach Network in July.

     For weeks prior to the visit, coordinators Lynn Hatch, second vice president of Chapter 132, and Calvin Credle, president of the Holmdel Club, planned and prepared so the massive force of volunteers would be the most effective. They selected projects to tackle, teams were formed, site visits were made, breakfast and lunch were ordered, supplies were purchased and advance teams visited four times to prepare the site for the onslaught of volunteers.

     The team leaders and planners were Allen Andreatch, Sylvia Armstrong, Jim Borger, Deb Cameron, Gloria Clarke, Tewfik Doumi, Bill Jones, Jean-Phillippe Joseph, Eunyoung Kim, Elissa Matthews, Sue Merla, Seema Nikoonezhad, Bob Novo, Rosanne Pelligrino and Narayan Raman.

     The work during the Global Days of Caring continues the tradition of Lucent experts’ working with Camp Evans staff. Over 60 years ago, experts from Lucent Technologies, then known as Bell Telephone Laboratories, worked with the Signal Corps at Camp Evans to develop cutting edgeWorld War II radar and communications systems.

     A stellar example is the M-9 gun director, which enabled the SCR-584 radar to target and shoot down hundreds of Hitler’s V-1 rockets, ending the terror attacks on Britain.

     When Bell Telephone invented the transistor, Camp Evans successfully advocated for the Pentagon to secretly fund the further development of the device for classified military and space applications.

     And in 1960 when Camp Evans developed the first weather tracking satellite, TIROS, it employed a Bell Laboratories guidance system when it located the first humcane spotted from space.

     The Lucent and New Outlook Pioneers of the Penn-Jersey Chapter 132 have helped InfoAge in a big way to preserve this unique technology site, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They have honored Bell Telephone Laboratories veterans of WWII ard early space exploration by their work at this WWII memorial site as they advanced the ideals of the Lucent Global Days of Caring.

[Editor’s note: Fred Carl is the director of the InfoAge Science-History Center].

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