Published in The Asbury Journal in March of 1914.  Specific date not known.

One of the balancing towers along the Shark River’s south west shore.
The top portion of this one was saved and is a Marconi historical marker on Marconi Road.

Web editor comments: Dr. Kinmouth was the editor of the Asbury Journal, which evolved into the Asbury Park Press.  The “balancing line” was held up by 150 foot tall towers made of steel angle iron construction.  There were three built.  There might have been a fourth  but we are not sure.  The top section of the center tower which was once standing just east of the Brighton Ave bridge was saved by Wall Township.   The public works staff relocated the top 50 feet of the tower that now stands as a Marconi Memorial along Marconi road.  The others were dismantled or collapsed into the river and rusted away. See related story with photo of tower December 12, 1949  Marconi Wireless Tower Still Serves at Evans. in the Asbury Park Evening Press, by Si Liberman.  How do you like the name of his farm…”The Garden of the Gods”.

The photo of the balancing tower above was taken by Mr. Edward Henderson on April 12, 1914

Dr. H. S. Kinmouth has sold to the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America a small piece of land from his farm in “The Garden of the Gods,” near the Marconi plant at the head of the Shark River, Belmar, N.J.  The tract is three-cornered and contains about 300 square feet.  It will be used for a tower to hold a balancing line to run east and west with the Marconi plant.  The company has a “balancing line,” as it is called, running north and south.  The lot sold by Dr. Kinmouth is at the west side of his farm, on the road leading from Corlies avenus to Glendola.

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