Published in The Coast Star on October 19, 2006 by Fred Carl on page 27

InfoAge volunteer, Bill Burke, gets ready for Halloween in the haunted Marconi Hotel with two of his frightful friends


         Fright Master Nels and Fright Mistress Judy Warren are busy raising the evil spirits of Camp Evans. They are preparing a fami­ly friendly Halloween experience inside the haunted Marconi Hotel for kids and parents. If you dare to visit, the hotel will be open 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20, 21, 27 and 28. The $5 donation will be used to help InfoAge continue preserving historic CampEvans.

     The guided tours will start in the main hallway.  In the lobby vis­itors will hear the funeral piano and see people drinking witch’s brew, their last drink. In the gutsy kitchen guests will meet the deranged rook preparing his body part stew. In the cobweb filled dining hall the spirits are dancing for eternity.  Care to dance? As you leave the dining hall you will pass the stairway to nowhere, where someone is still hanging around. Visitors’ next walk is down the hallway to Hades to see the wed­ding of the departed sprits and other former guests of the hotel hanging around. Then they will be taken into the dungeon to see the poor victims on the rick, in a stock and strapped into an electric chair. If you arc allowed to leave the dungeon, you will be escorted past the spider room, the vampire bat room and the mad scientist “High Voltage” laboratory. Finally the tour, just like life, ends in a Cemetery.

     The evil and haunting at Camp Evans arises from the Indian buri­als, the deaths on the site, and the spirits of enemy soldiers killed by secret weapons designed there. Possibly more dangerous are the aliens and UFOs which have regularly visited Camp Evans since 1946.
      Are the Indian spirits still angry over losing their land?  In the1880s, Asbury Park Press publisher Hugh Kinmouth died along the stream and walks the property looking for stories late at night. During World War II Col. Paul Watson died in the Marconi Hotel. Has his ghost left the hotel? Does he know his radar helped win that war? During World War I and World War II  secret inventions developed at Camp Evansenabled the Allied Armed Forces to kill millions of enemy airmen, sailors and soldiers. Will they visit on Halloween seeking revenge? Is the ghost of the Nazi spy captured in Camp Evans and later shot still waiting to be picked by a U boat?

     Many believe the Project Diana radar signals sent from Camp Evans in 1946 alerted aliens of Man’s existence on earth. Former Shore resident and actor Jack Nicholson stated in the classic film “Easy Rider” that “They’ve been coming here ever since 1946 — when the scientists first started bouncing radar beams off the moon. And they’ve been livin’ and working amongst us in vast quanti­ties ever since. The governmentknows all about ’em:”. Will the aliens be friendly when you visit?
      Dressed in Halloween costumes to help your fright experience are members of the Shore Regional High School Shore Players, members ot the National Thespian Honor Society, Wall High School Chapter and members of the Wall Township Boy Scouts.  The proceeds from the event will help InfoAge, help support this years plays by the Shore Players and the Wall Thespian Society and help with Boy Scout activities.
      Are you willing to visit Camp Evans to see the spirits, ghost and evil kept hidden the rest of the year? InfoAge and Fright Master Nels and Fright Mistress Judy Warren invite you to visit. If you under 6 or just timid a fun train ride awaits you while the hearty go into the hotel to he entertained.  Directions and more information is at
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