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The Asbury Park

Evening Press
October 26, 1912

Page 1, Col 4
     BRIELLE,  Oct. 26 —  The erection
of the high standards which are to be
raised on the tract recently purchased
along Shark River by the Marconi
Wireless company will be commenced,
it is understood, within a few weeks.
The English engineer of the company
is in this country now making arrange-
ments for starting the work.  There
will be a long string of the standards,
probably 10 or 12 placed at close in-
tervals, for the support of the aerials.
The standards are to be not less than 
700 feet high, such a height being ne-
cessary to catch the electric messages
from the European coast.
     Captain S. Bartlay Pearce, who sup-
erintended the work of raising the New
Jersey coast stations for the old Amer-
ican Wireless company, which operated 
wireless stations about every 20 miles 
along the coast more than 10 years
ago has been asked to assist in super-
intending this work.

The Marconi Company was still perfecting the technology of high-power wireless transmission and reception. Only six standards (masts) were constructed at the Belmar Station in Wall Township.
The actual masts were 400 feet in height.
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