InfoAge Wall of Honor – 2009

Mr. Mirarch had a very successful 40 year career with the U.S. Army that began at the Evans Area.  During the early part of his career he conducted theoretical and exploratory investigations directed towards the design and fabrication of experimental laser systems.  The Army was just discovering the potential application of the use of lasers to provide range information for targeting and the use of lasers to designate targets so laser seeking munitions could be employed.  He formulated new theories and applied his knowledge of solid state physics, optics and electronics to develop components and integrate those components into working laser systems.  He was instrumental in the design of important laser subsystems, such as a ruby laser resonator, an optically pumped laser cavity, and the optics used on laser transmitted and receivers.

As a laser expert he was instrumental in the research and development of laser/electro-optical equipment and equipment such as: laser target designators, rangefinders, laser search and track sets, laser radars, and laser countermeasures.  He was instrumental in transforming laboratory demonstrations of laser range finders and designators into smaller and more compact systems that could be carried by the Warfighter or installed in munition systems.  His efforts resulted in his receiving the Army Research and Development Achievement Award in 1962, 1971, and 1975 as a testimony to his significant accomplishments in the laser area.  He has many publications in laser research and technology and during his tenure at the Evans area and later at Fort Belvoir he was a recognized expert in the advancement of laser systems in the battlefield.

Mr. Mirarchi was inducted into the Long Branch High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame and also was inducted into LAMBDA SIGMA TAU Monmouth University Honor Society.  He is currently President of his own Company, Global Technical Services, providing technical support to highly technical programs being conducted at Fort Monmouth. 

Posted April 3, 2017