The Wireless Age
December 1913

During the construction of the “Wireless Girdle” the Marconi publication had photo updates.

(1) Rear view of the hotel at Belmar, showing the steel girders of the roof in position; an idea of the great size of this structure may be had by closing examining the photograph, in which men may be seen working on the right wing of the building. (2) The fireplace in the hotel for operators at Marshalls, Cal. (3) Excavating the condenser pit for the powerhouse at the Kahuku transmitting site.

Closeup of belmar Hotel under construction. ( Web editor note – The lines at the left are guy wires to one of the 400 foot ‘masts’ aka antennas at Belmar)

(4) The powerhouse at New Brunswick station, from which messages are to be transmitted across the Atlantic. (5) A view of mast No. 6 at the Belmar trans-Atlantic receiving station, showing method of attaching stays and the erection cage in actual operation. (6) A glimpse of the concrete construction for the lighting plant at Koko Head, receiving site for the Honolulu station.

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