Published in The Asbury Park Press by Carol Gorga Williams on page B3

Members of club return money to donor

WALL — Phil Vourtsis of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club says it is not unusual to find a little something left behind in an old radio, but usually it’s a dead rodent curled up in an old nest.

     But, said the Manalapan resident, on May 24, tucked under the lid of a donated old Crawford three-dialer from the 1920s, fellow club member Ray Chase of Plainfield found $10,000. The money was mostly twenties and fifties.

     Vourtsis said three club members had driven to the female donor’s house to pick up her brother’s collection of antique radios, which the club was going to auction off for her. The club maintains a museum and headquarters at the InfoAge science/history learning center at 2201 Marconi Road.

     The donor’s brother, who had recently died, was known for keeping money around the house. But he apparently stopped keeping money inside a dresser drawer after a robbery, Chase said.

      “She said it didn’t surprise her too awfully much,” Chase said about the discovery of the money,  which he returned the next day to the woman, whom the club would not identify.

     All three members who worked with the collection that day held the envelope just to feel what it was like to hold that much cash, Vourtsis said.  “Great,” said Chase when asked how it felt.

     The auction will be announced on the club’s Web site — —where photographs of the “$10,000 radio” also can be viewed.

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