InfoAge Wall of Honor – 2010

Mr. Robert Giordano was the Director of the Electronic Warfare Laboratory (EWL) and the Director of the Electronic Warfare Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (EW/RSTA) Center while at Camp Evans.  He ended his government career after 33 years of service as the Director of Research, Development, and Engineering for the Army Communications Electronics Command, at Fort Monmouth responsible for the Research & Development Center; the Software Engineering Center and the Information Systems Engineering Command. Mr. Giordano was also designated by the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and the Army Acquisition Executive as the Army’s System Engineer responsible for writing and enforcing the Army’s Technical Architecture across all Army programs. He has been recognized as significantly contributing to the Army’s success in digitizing the battlefield and achieving information dominance by harnessing the potential of automation and digital technology.

While at Camp Evans he started his career in the early development of countermeasures equipment for the protection of Army Aircraft and then into Signals Intelligence and Signals Jamming where he became the Director of the EWL.  He merged the Electronic Warfare Laboratory and the Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Laboratory into the premier Center of EW/RSTA. As the Director of EW/RSTA his responsibilities included: aircraft protection; signals intelligence; radar sensors both ground and airborne; meteorological data systems; radiation detection; identification friend or foe; combat identification systems and unattended sensors.

He was selected to be the Deputy Program Executive Officer for Army Command and Control Systems for Maneuver, Artillery, Air Defense, Intelligence, and Combat Service Support.  Mr. Giordano transformed the Army’s Command and Control systems from a series of separate programs with little or no linkage, to an integrated force multiplier that enabled the Army to build the foundation for the future.  This was recognized at all levels of DOD and he made a concept into a reality.  Mr. Giordano was recognized as truthful and honest by DOD and Congressional Staff personnel frequently called upon, by name, to “tell” the Army story.

Posted April 4, 2017