Thank You

InfoAge thanks you for your donation!  Your help help will save this unique history that will inspire future generations to learn science.  The students visit by the bus loads!  It is great and now you are a part!!

The Infoage Science-History Center at Camp Evans in Wall Township recently
welcomed the first busload of visitors, a group of third- and fourth-graders from
Fort Monmouth’s Math, Science and Technology Camps [above].

The radar pioneers in front of the Marconi hotel during WWII. Left to right in front row:
#2 Harold Zahl, made vacuum tubes VT158 for AN/TPS3 radar
#4 Jack Slattery, designer of SCR268 fire control radar
#5 Oscar Maier, commanding officer
#6 Paul Watson, technical director, John Marchetti’s boss
Mr. Marchetti is the last person in third row whose head is even with the white trim on porch
(photo and identification courtesy of Mr. John Marchetti)

A crowd of war veterans, re-enactors, museum supporters and history lovers gathered Saturday during a dedication of the World War II Living Memorial at Camp Evans. (STAFF PHOTO: MARCIN SZCZEPANSKI)