The Wall Township Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2005

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The Spring/Summer issue of the Wall Township Newsletter
had this appeal for more volunteers and donations to
help save the unique history located in the town.

Diana Radar, the old Marconi Hotel (BACKGROUND) being restored by Wall volunteers and the Signal Corps Engineering Lab at its height of activity during WWII.

The Text from the Newsletter Page above…

Sixty years ago Camp Evans was the home of the U. S. Army’s radar laboratory, a key center in the battle to defeat the Axis powers. In our town thou­sands of Americans toiled to make sure Allied forces had the most advanced electronic equipment possi­ble. Many are Wall residents or they were the Dads, Moms, uncles, grandparents and friends of Wall resi­dents.

It was for good reason two photos related to Camp Evans were published in the joint Army-Navy press release when the secret weapon, radar, was officially announced the day WWII ended. The reason is radar is the invention that saved Democracy, which could have been destroyed by the vast and mighty armies, navies and air forces of the Axis powers.

  WWII history books document the many stories from Camp Evans. The walls of the old build­ings can echo those stories to inspire students.
Why and for whom should Camp Evans be preserved?

The `why’ is to honor the service of the veterans who helped save Democracy. The ‘whom’ is the thousands of school children who will be inspired to learn science and history in the verb. same buildings WWII science and history was made, in our town.

The Wall Township Committee has called upon all citizens to support the preservation of this site as the WWII living memorial.

People say honor veterans, preserve history, and help education. Here is a chance to do all of that and improve the quality of life in your town.

In spite of all it’s history and the place of honor Camp Evans should have, its preservation got lost in government bureaucracy. The site suffered neglect, but is far from being lost.

Join and support the dedicated volunteers of InfoAge who have been researching, giving presen­tations, writing hundreds of pages of government forms, painting, making repairs and using their freely given time and talents to give Camp Evans a future.

How can you help? You can make a gift to buy paint, replace carpets, make repairs etc. or volunteer to paint and make those repairs.

  Wall Township resi­dents have the know-how and resources to give Camp Evans a new future as the WWII “living memorial”. The veterans your gift will honor are deserving and the kids and families who will be inspired to learn science could be your children, your grandchildren, or your neighbor’s children. A gift to help InfoAge is a gift to everyone in Wall, a gift to your nation and your chance to help the future as you honor the past.
Note: InfoAge is an IRS approved not-for-prof­it. Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please send your gift to: InfoAge Science-History Center, 2201 Marconi Road, Wall, NJ 07719.

Thank you the Township Committee and to Kate Elia for the great page layout!
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