Grand Opening
On April 15, 2017, the 105th’ anniversary of the sinking of the RMS TITANIC, our Radio Officers Exhibition will open at the Info Age Museum, Science & Learning Center, at Camp Evans, 2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township, New Jersey. A light reception will commence at 12 noon, followed by a gallery tour.
The ninety-two year old VWOA, an organization of former communication professionals in the maritime and broadcasting industries, is committed to preserving the history of wireless.
The Info Age display will feature a “Sparks at Sea” presentation, tracing the history of the
ships radio officer in peace and war. Vintage maritime radio equipment will be on display with examples
from Marconi Marine, RCA Radiomarine, Raytheon, Bendix, Sperry, ITT Mackay Marine, Mackay Radio and Telegraph Co., and historic “radio shack” items as well.
Our gallery presentations include the sinking of the TITANIC and modern day note worthy
rescues and tragedies at sea that will recall the magnitude of the radio telegraph in the saving of life at sea.
The permanent exhibit is underwritten and curated by members of the Veteran Wireless Operators Association, Inc. For more information or to confirm your attendance, call our program manager,

Mike Shaw at (973)-228-5722