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We’re not your usual science center. Once a secret laboratory, Camp Evans, is now a fun and educational place to visit. Our twelve museums will give your family or group an amazing look into the beginnings of the technologies that everyone uses today. You can visit six of our sixteen major buildings on our 37-acre National Historic Landmark. We have a distinct mission and a history that sets us apart. Camp Evans opened the space age, saw the development of radar, and is a black history site.

Our site is Camp Evans Historic District, a National Historic Landmark.  It was elevated to landmark status for its Home Front contributions to the WWII Allied victory.  Camp Evans is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our History

Camp Evans was once the 1914 Marconi Belmar Trans-Atlantic Wireless station, opened world-wide wireless communications, played an important role in WWI Trans-Atlantic communications, the first campus of The King’s College, played a key role the development of radar as an effective WWII secret weapon, opened space communications in 1946, was a cold war technology site, a nuclear weapons research site, visited by Senator Joseph McCarthy as he suspected a communist spy ring may have been operating here, the birthplace of satellite based hurricane tracking, was a pre-NASA space research site, and is a black history site.

Currently the Museum is appropriate for ages 6+.

InfoAge has an educational mission and its member groups in addition to having unique exhibits are also working to preserve Camp Evans for future generations. The location is being developed as a Science Museum and repairs to its buildings are in progress to allow expansion of the Museum. You are invited to join this excellent work to save history, honor the communication pioneers of wireless, WWI, WWII, space exploration, and the cold war.

Visit InfoAge

The museums are open for public tours from 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

General admission is $5 per person.

Call for group tours: 732-280-3000

2201 Marconi Road,
Wall, NJ 07719

We are open for special events and upon request when possible. Call us at 732 280-3000 to arrange for a group visit.


Our Upcoming Events and Special Notices

ISEC Lecture Series: Espionage in Space – Spy Satellites

Sunday February 25th Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm 2300 Marconi Road, Wall Twp., NJ Visit  or call 732-322-4823 for more information $10.00 Entry Fee...
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BATTLE OF THE BULGE – What Really Happened?

During the very cold morning of December 16th, 1944 the huge German assault moved forward along a 40 mile front toward the surprised allied forces. The American stronghold at Bastogne Belgium blocked a major road needed by the Germans. Surrounding Bastogne General von Marrteuffel made every effort to overwhelm the American garrison. Calling upon the defenders to surrender, Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne replied to the request with only one word “Nuts !!”.
Our museum gallery has built a 2 ft by 11ft diorama depicting Bastogne and the German forces in the Ardennes forest as General McAuliffe delivers his message to a German officer. American forces are poised for the attack as the German force prepares to continue the attack. Small, unique and interesting battlefield scenes are featured through out the large diorama. In addition, a smaller diorama (2 ft by 2 ½ ft) recently added, depicts members of the 101st Airborne attacking an advancing German column.
Please come visit us and see what we have in our four rooms of History that comes alive.

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Gift Idea: Honor a Veteran with a Hall of Honor Tile

Commissioning  FULL-COLOR tile is a great way to say thank you to a veteran or family member. The hall of Honor is located in the central hallway of the historic WW2 H-building complex, on the Camp Evans National Historic Landmark, the InfoAge Hall of Honor is an...
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Wall Township to replace last three WWII H-Building Roofs

Important Milestone Reached:  The last three buildings with leaking roofs of the 18 Building WWII radar laboratory H-Complexes will be replaced.      The Wall Township Committee has approved a resolution to execute a contract with Pravco, Inc. for the...
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Our Exhibits

Radio Technology Museum

The Radio Technology Museum traces the development of radio from before spark to beyond cellphones.

WWI Exhibit

During the United States involvement in WWI, the Belmar Station (aka Camp Evans) was a key wireless war time communications hub.  Thanks to Dr. Richard Connors InfoAge has an excellent WWI Exhibit

NJ Shipwreck Museum

The New Jersey Historical Divers Association (NJHDA) has an exhibit of New Jersey shipwreck artifacts.

Computer Deconstruction Lab

The Computer Deconstruction Lab explores computer technology and the changes that have been made over the past 15+ years.

WWII Miniatures and Models

This museum of expertly crafted diaramas and models shows WWII battle scenes and models like no other medium.  One gets an insight into key events of WWII with specially selected artifacts and amazing dioramas.

Vintage Computer Museum

Come see the Vintage Computer Museum, sponsored by the Vintage Computer Federation.

Electronic Warfare Museum

Many of the basic principles of electronics and physics will be demonstrated in a series of hands on applications that are bound to excite young minds.

Garden State Central Model Railroad

The Garden State Central Model Railroad was formed in 1963 by a group of men who were deeply interested in railroading.

Institute for Exploratory Research (IXR)

IXR runs our hackerspaces, microcontrollers, and 3D printing labs. They also run Kid Bot classes.

Military Technology Museum

Over the last 35 years, the Military Technology Museum of New Jersey has amassed one of the largest and rarest collections of both static and operating military vehicles and equipment in the world.

Fallout Shelter Theater

Visit our authentic fallout shelter to experience what it was like to live at the height of the Cold War.

Marconi Room

In the Marconi Hotel this fun and educational hands-on exhibit teaches the basics of the telegraph and Marconi’s first wireless signal across the Atlantic Ocean.

Arts Project Room

The Arts Project Room is a Multi-location space where artists instruct, inspire & mentor art enthusiasts.

National Broadcasters Hall of Fame

The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame takes you back to those innocent days of old-time radio.

Camp Evans Libraries

InfoAge and each individual museum maintains extensive research libraries, archives, as well as oral histories of Camp Evans associated persons.

InfoAge Space Exploration Center

ISEC, the InfoAge Space Exploration Center, is located at 2300 Marconi Rd. a short walk south from our main campus. Here you can see the restored 60-foot TIROS satellite dish, learn about the historic Project Diana (world’s first radio moonbounce), and more.

The Veteran Wireless Operator Association Exhibit

The Veteran Wireless Operators Association (VWOA) is a proud organization with a history of life saving heroism.  They created an exhibit at Camp Evans for InfoAge.  As the former Marconi Belmar Trans-Oceanic Wireless Station this so appropriate.

Who knew that this place existed? This is a fascinating look into the past, including some of Marconi’s memorable contributions to communications and a decommissioned military base. A top-secret location which has only been available to the public for a dozen or so years, it has an interesting assortment of memorabilia. The old-time radios in the communication exhibit brought back memories of my childhood, and the collection of military jeeps was impressive — it has to be one of the largest and most interesting collections in the US. What the volunteers have done in such a short period of time, saving the buildings from demolition, restoring them, and amassing the interesting collections is mind-boggling — I don’t know how they did it. Work is ongoing and will take quite a while to complete, but there’s still plenty to see now.

Not to be missed!, Sharon (Trip Advisor)

I visited your incredible museum on Sunday and you played the vintage mechanical gramophone, and also the wax cylinder player for me. It was amazing. Thanks so much.

Best of luck and again, congratulations on an amazing collection!

Thank you for the tour on Sunday!

A friend, who knew about my interest in radio, gave me a brochure about InfoAge. After checking out the information I decided that my wife and I should definitely take a look. Upon arrival we were met by Steve Goulart, who walked us to a spot where he pointed out the various buildings on the site and gave us a brief history of Camp Evans.

It was a fantastic visit, which must be repeated soon.

Hamfest, Ken W2DTC

Inside a decommissioned military communications site is a pretty extensive museum. Especially worthwhile is the communication exhibit, with old radios and TVs. There are some hands on exhibits. Before Christmas they offer a train exhibit. Be forewarned that this is not an polished museum. It is a local museum staffed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers. The exhibit rooms are well done, but it is in a old military installation. The building and site are part of history.

Hidden science museum in old military site, Michael

This museum is an excellent journey in the evolution and development of radio and communications technology. The museum has an excellent inventory of military and commercial radio devices to demonstrate the design evolution of voice and data technology.

History of communications (TripAdvisor)