InfoAge is Open Three Days a Week

The InfoAge Science History Learning Center museums in Wall Township extended their public tour schedule to three days a week in May of 2012.

The museums are open for public tours from 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $5 per person.

Currently the Museum is appropriate for ages 6 to Adult.

“The purpose of our museums is to enable the public, including students of all ages to learn more about science and history in a historic atmosphere,” said Fred Carl, InfoAge director. “We’re delighted to extend the hours for public visits to our museums which we consider to be a major historic and cultural resource for our state and region.”

What's the address?

Camp Evans and InfoAge are physically the same location.

2201 Marconi Road, Wall, New Jersey, 07719

40.1859, -74.0594

When are you open?

InfoAge Science History Learning Center has a public tour schedule, three days a week. Public tours are from 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is a suggested $5 donation per person.

Where can I find a lost item?

If you have lost a personal item at the museum, contact the office (732.280.3000) or send an email to and explain what was lost and in what area if that is known.


Restrooms are marked by RR, Ladies Rooms by LR, and Mens by MR.

Entrances to buildings are marked by arrows

A – Main Visitor entrance, lobby, coffee stop and gift counter

B – Marconi Room by the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) with the telegraph exhibit

C – World War I exhibit

D – Historical electronics and WWII radar by Ray Chase and the NJ Antique Radio Club (NJARC)

E – Contributions of Americans with African heritage in the development of radar

F – Marconi Lounge for classes and rentals for special events

G – Marconi Dining room for events and rentals for special events

H – Fallout Shelter and Christopher’s memorial train layout – only escorted visits at this time.

I – General purpose room for events and rentals for special events

J – New Jersey Shipwreck Museum by NJ Historical Divers Association

K – World War II in minatures by Association of Old Crows (AOC)

L – World War II and Cold War Electronic Warfare exhibit by AOC

M – Historic radio and television repair exhibit by NJ Antique Radio Club (NJARC)

N – World War II Lineman equipment exhibit by NJARC

O – Hands on electronics room by NJARC

P – Radio and television museum by NJARC

Q – Classroom for meetings and group rentals

R – Maker space workshop by Institute for Exploritory Research (IXR) – open by appointment

S – Computer Deconstruction Lab – open by appointment

T – Volunteer Center – closed to the general public

U – Computer museum by Vintage Computer Federation (VCF)

V – Workshop – not open to the public

W – Shipboard Wireless Operator exhibit by Veteran Wireless Operators Association

X – Model Railroad exhibit by the Garden State Center (GSC) – open by invitation of the club members

Y – Hands on train layout in classroom for meetings and rentals for special events by GSC

Z – Vintage military exhibit by Military technology Museum of NJ (MTMNJ)